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What's New

Faster requesting.

INFORM Results management now incorporates enhanced test requesting tools to provide services without electronic test requesting with a fast efficient and fully detailed requesting tool. The enhancements make if faster for clinical users to document test requests while still providing granular detail on the offer and uptake of laboratory tests.

Manual entry of results.

INFORM now has the ability to manually enter both historical result data and newly received results in complete detail. For services that do not have an electronic results feed this allows you to transcribe your result data into INFORM into the same structure used by electronically received results giving you all the benefits this brings including tabulation of data for comparison with previous results to support the clinical care of patients. Manual entry of result data also provide service with electronic result feeds to enter the occasional paper-based result they receive for the more obscure tests requested or where results are received from research funded lab tests not performed by their regular laboratory.

Robust results processing.

Improvements have been made to the INFORM Interop Tools used to process electronically received result data and where messages received fail to pass customer defined result validation and processing rules our enhancements provide the ability to manually process the result message received and quickly move the result into the result management workflow. The enhancements we have made to results processing provide more robust result data to enable our customers to efficiently and confidently manage high volumes of results.

Spotlight on results review.

The latest results management tools have also focussed on an improved more efficient results review workflow. We have separated out the results that require review and provided a new user-interface that provides clinicians with the ability to both read and interpret the result, document the review of the result data and speedily record any subsequent recall or action required.

Better balance & business critical data

The existing tools have been re-designed to better support the user in managing results and moving patient’s through the results management and notification process. We have combined in a single tool the functionality required to manage results from request to receipt, subsequent notification and action, the collection of business critical performance monitoring data as well as the ability to communicate with patients regarding their results and the ability to add SHHAPT diagnoses codes as part of the GUMCAD return where required.

What is INFORM Results Management?

Inform Results Management is a suite of tools to support services to manage their test results in an efficient and robust manner. INFORM integrates with laboratory systems to allow both electronic requesting and results reporting. Once results have been received the Results Management work lists sort them to facilitate onward management.

Patients can be contacted individually or in bulk through integrated SMS messaging (text message) and INFORM also outputs results to the NetCall Results system so patients can pick up test results by phone.

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