02 June 2010

Economise with INFORM Paper-light

INFORM has developed "paper light" a cost effective way for sexual health services to get the most out of their available resource. Paper light enables services to unlock the benefits of technology and obtain real efficiency savings without large investment. INFORM paper light also provides service with a stepping stone to paper-free service delivery.

Inform Paper-light, helping sexual health services get more out of their available resource.

Improving your service on a budget

The pressure to deliver the most cost-effective service has never been greater. Inform is delighted to announce the release of "paper light" an ideal way for services to increase efficiency in a time of tightening budgets.

In creating paper light, INFORM has brought together some of the key functions of the comprehensive INFORM software suite.

This enables those services not in a position to fully replace paper-records, to capitalise on the efficiency savings and improvements that technology can offer.

Paper light:
  • Enables services to better manage their clinics, appointments and resource.
  • Reduces the burden of data collection and reporting.
  • Increases the efficiency and quality of data collection.
  • Provides services with the information they need to effectively deliver & analyse service delivery.
  • Enables service management to support their staff to consistently deliver the best standard of care.
  • Provides a stepping stone to paper-free service delivery.

INFORM paper light

Paper light allows services to configure a Support System that fits their objectives and budget allowing you to address the areas of highest priority. The main tools in INFORM paper light are; Clinic Management, Activity Capture, Information & Reporting and Quality Control.

Inform Clinic Management Inform Activity Capture Inform Reporting Inform Quality Control
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