01 February 2011

South East Essex go live with Inform paper light

South East Essex Contraception and Sexual Health Service has gone live with Inform Paper light. This is the first step on their journey to full paper-free service delivery with INFORM.

Gentle change management

This first step away from paper at the Kingsley-Ward centre has allowed the service to remove paper appointment books and paper data collection.

Inform's Waiting room management tool has been combined with Activity Capture to ensure collection of all business critical information while familiarising both the administrative and clinical staff with use of the system.

By implementing paper-light, the KWC have provided their staff with a stepping stone to paper-free service delivery and are one step closer to unlocking the exciting benefits of Inform's powerful sexual health EPR.

Like to know more?

If you would like to find out in more detail about how INFORM can support services in this area please get in touch.

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More than just Software?

We don’t expect you to be experts in IT so when you need support we strive to make sure you get that support as quickly and easily as possible, communicated in a way that you and your staff understand.

What makes us different?

Not only is the INFORM software at the cutting edge of healthcare IT, it is our understanding of how technology can address the challenges facing Services and our continual commitment to keep in touch with the issues being faced by both management and those delivering service.

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