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INFORM HIV now incorporates Public Health England’s HIV and AIDS Reporting System (HARS) dataset. HARS is set to replace SOPHID and eventually the New HIV Diagnosis and Deaths data return. HIV outpatient clinics who are providing treatment to HIV patients are required to produce a quarterly data extract of all patient consultations relating to HIV care. Inform HIV provides easy to use tools to accurately capture and report the data required for the HARS dataset.


Inform HIV is a Health Information System for HIV. It brings together in one system the tools required to support delivery of a modern HIV service. Inform HIV provides services with everything they need to go from fulfilling business critical data returns to fully electronic patient records.

HIV Reporting

Business critical data capture and reporting for HIV services

Inform HIV Reporting

Capture the information you and your service need.

Get on top of your business critical data requirements with an easy to use data capture and reporting system that includes HARS. Inform HIV Reporting comes with the Inform Base EPR for HIV which comprises of a detailed demographic record for each patient, administrative, clinical and an HIV specific summary that provides clinicians with a well-rounded view of the patient’s record in a single summarised view. The HIV specific data collection tools allow data to be entered in real-time in the consultation room or retrospectively by the clinicians themselves or by their administrative support colleagues.

Get the most out of your data.

Alongside the touch button extracts for the national data returns is our Reporting Toolset which provides you with a simplified yet comprehensive data source for detailed interrogation and analysis of your HIV data.

HIV Paper Light

Clinic and appointment management & business critical data

Inform Paper Light

Advanced clinic and appointment management.

INFORM’s clinic and appointment management tools give you the choice and flexibility to manage your appointments in the way that’s right for your service. Adjust the length of time allocated to an appointment to suit the needs of the patient or set up structured appointments slots to control more closely what services are available where and when.

Fast powerful appointment search tools.

Whether the patient requires routine bloods, a follow up medical consultation or an urgent recall the Appointment Search tools will provide you with the ability to find the right appointment for the patient and their needs.

Tracking the Patient Journey.

The Waiting Room Management tools provide you with an overview of all your clinics and the ability to manage patient flow through clinic and patient handover between healthcare professionals. Get better visibility of the staff and patients in clinic the needs of the patients in clinic and who they are waiting to see.

HIV Paper Free EPR

Paperless electronic patient records and patient management system

Inform Paper Free EPR

Replace Paper Case notes.

INFORM’s Clinical EPR for HIV provides a comprehensive HIV focussed clinical record. The clinical EPR allows you to document efficiently the provision of care while presenting data in a way that aids understanding of the patient’s health.

Tools for Teams.

From results review to risk assessments, care planning to wider social support for patients. INFORM provides an EPR designed for the whole team involved in HIV care. Consultants, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Health Advisors have the tools they need to document their care within a single electronic patient record.

Get the most out of Lab Results.

INFORM Results provides a clinical view of test and result data that allows the tabulation and charting of result data. Compare the data you want, CD4, VL, ART the data collected and stored in the EPR and the Results tools provide you with the ability to overlay and compare data aiding the identification of trends and helping clinical staff to make informed choices for patient care.

Keep in touch.

Letters, email, text message and phone. INFORM’s provides a full suite of communication tools to communicate with patients and other agencies involved in their care.

Out of the consultation room.

From recalls and reminders to partner notification and management, the INFORM workload management tools provide task-centric views of your patients giving your staff a focussed view of the patients and the actions they require.

Expand your INFORM solution

Comprehensive sexual health software that grows with your service


INFORM is a comprehensive Health information System for Sexual Health that unlocks the true benefits available technology has to offer. INFORM Sexual Health has brought together all the key components required to improve patient access, support best possible clinical practice, increase efficiency in service delivery, improve resource utilisation and provide the information required to understand current trends and effectively plan future services.


Individual features of INFORM can also be used to complement existing systems to enhance functionality or to gain additional benefits. INFORM’s flexibility allows your service to create their own INFORM solution to best suit the challenges you face.

Cross specialty.

Standalone or integrated, INFORM is configured in a number of different ways by our NHS customers and is being utilised for a range of specialities including; sexual and reproductive health (SRH), Genito-Urinary medicine (GUM), HIV, sexual assault (SARC), young parents support service (YPSS), chlamydia screening (NCSP), condom card scheme (C Card), psychosexual and specialist counselling services.

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We don’t expect you to be experts in IT so when you need support we strive to make sure you get that support as quickly and easily as possible, communicated in a way that you and your staff understand.

What makes us different?

Not only is the INFORM software at the cutting edge of healthcare IT, it is our understanding of how technology can address the challenges facing Services and our continual commitment to keep in touch with the issues being faced by both management and those delivering service.

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